Tension Set Titanium Rings

Titanium wedding bands, engagement rings, and other lifelong keepsakes are much stronger than conventional metal bands and will keep their original shape forever. This is why we offer titanium tension set ring and flush set options here at Titanium Style. Moreover, since titanium jewelry is no longer limited to plain wedding band designs, we make sure we offer various kinds of stone set titanium rings, such as our exquisite titanium rings with diamonds.

At Titanium Style, we use two special techniques in creating stone set rings. These two techniques aim to ensure that our customers would never have to worry about valuable jewels falling out of their ring, thus making our jewelry pieces versatile and wearable even in different environments.


Each ring is set with genuine diamonds, rubies, sapphires or other precious stones.

Diamond set titanium rings with center inlaysOur techniques involve flash or burnish setting and tension setting, where each ring is set with precious stones like rubies and sapphires, as well as diamonds.

Flash or burnish setting is one of the most secure stone setting techniques. The process involves the stone being placed directly into the titanium wherein the metal is pushed down resulting in the titanium embracing and forming around the stone. This gives the stone a nice and clean edge around it. It also provides the ring a setting that is smooth, making it less likely to get snagged on hair or clothing.

Tension set titanium rings, on the other hand, act as a spring. This means that the gemstone is kept in place using constant pressure radiating from both sides. Titanium is much stronger than precious metals like platinum and gold—where more metal has to be used to beef up the ring—and it can hold the stone securely with less bulk. This makes the ring easy to wear and not heavy at all.

Tension titanium rings are not only able to hold the gemstone securely, they also magnificently display it since the stone's entire side and shape is seen. Also, because the stone is not fully covered, more light can shine through it, therefore giving it a beautiful brilliance and sparkle.

The durability and uniqueness of a titanium tension set ring, especially diamond titanium rings, will definitely give your wedding band or everyday wear jewelry the beauty that is sure to last a lifetime.

Browse our collection of stone set titanium rings to might find the right one that's perfect for your personal use or as a gift for a loved one!

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