Titanium Wedding Rings for Men and Women

Titanium rings for men and women last a lifetime, which make them the perfect choice for the most important day in your life—your wedding. Here at TitaniumStyle.com, you can find the widest online collection of titanium rings for women and men available in a variety of unique, elegant styles.


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New Designs

Titanium Infinity Ring. Perfect choice for a wedding band or anniversary ring.

Titanium Infinity Ring

A Symbolic infinity design makes this ring the perfect choice for a wedding band or anniversary ring. Constructed from solid aircraft grade titanium this ring will not only symbolize infinity, it will last one!

Titanium rings set for men and women

Semi-Domed Wedding Bands

A more subtle version of the traditional domed ring.  It features a comfort fit inner face and gently curved semi-domed outer face allowing for reduced thickness and a sleek, modern look.

Inlaid titanium rings

Micro Textured Inlays

Titanium Ring with Micro Textured Inlay. Crafted from the strongest aircraft grades of titanium for durability and 18K Gold or pure Platinum for timeless beauty. You also have the option to order the ring with 14K White Gold and Silver inlays.