Tungsten Jewelry


tungsten rings with beveled sides


Tungsten jewelry is long lasting, yet beautifully crafted for our clients. This jewelry is made of a rare metal and is usually called carbide. Taken into account the fantastic way it can be rebuffed to a high gloss again and again to look brand new make it one piece you would want in your jewelry box. As an investment Tungsten jewelry is at the top of the list for it because it will last forever and can be passed down to a loved one. They are affordable and will hold their value.

The rings have several ways it can be made to customize it. There is the rings that have a stone inset from rubies, to diamonds to sapphires. Each one unique in its own right with a square shape or round and you can do one or several all around the circumference of the ring. Another spectacular ring is the one you create from the width of it to the color of the stone to the finish-brushed or shiny. Still another incredible ring is one with every person has different tastes so why shouldn’t their jewels be the same? Take the Tungsten jewelry catalog to browse and find something that works for you and then we will make it your own.

Our company started small in southern Ohio that made jewelry for other shops as well as our own clients. As the clientele grew for handmade custom jewelry our business grew to the reality it is today. With the strongest grades of titanium, and the expertise in cutting, rounding, polishing and other steps , we have knowledgeable staff to complete each piece to perfection. Avante Garde Titanium works to give clients a good experience when designing their own ring from contrasting metals for a modern look with clean lines and a finish that is so glossy it is almost like a mirror. This contemporary group is here for you for all of your Tungsten jewelry choices with a custom finish and engraving to make each one memorable.

We are pleased to share our 14 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. We make sure the ring fits with our sizer that is sent to you once the order is complete. And there is no extra charge for an engraving on your ring and orders over $99 get free shipping. There is pay pal, money order or credit card for payment and the turnaround is from 1-2 weeks depending on the style and type of jewelry that you want to order. We aim to please with top service. From titanium to Tungsten jewelry we are excited to share our custom made designs with you.