Tension Set Titanium Rings and Wedding Bands


diamond titanium tension ringsTension set titanium rings are a growing trend and its easy to see why!


There are many factors to consider when making a jewelry purchase, including style, quality, and price. While women have jewelry boxes literally overflowing with necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, and rings, men generally only have a few select pieces. Many men only have a wedding band or perhaps a watch or signet ring passed down through the generations.


While critics may not completely agree on why jewelry is worn more commonly by women than men, most would acknowledge that men historically have held more manual labor type jobs that were not conducive to wearing jewelry. Even wedding rings showed wear and tear quickly and oftentimes ended up bent or even broke. This is where tension set titanium rings are saving the day. These rings are stylish, durable, and affordable.


As the popularity of mens titanium rings has grown, the variety of designs has grown alongside it. Today, there are bands available to reflect men’s hobbies and interests or even their professions.

Avant Garde Titanium is an Ohio-based company that started out as a small jewelry shop fulfilling custom orders for titanium and tungsten jewelry. As the demand for tension set titanium rings has grown, they have expanded their line of hand-crafted jewelry to meet customers needs, making their artistic creations available online.


Avant-Garde offers a complete line of tension set titanium rings with many different options available to allow each customer to tailor his ring to his own individual taste. A customer can customize his ring with an inlay of another precious metal, such as yellow, rose, or white gold, or even platinum or silver.


A customer can choose from different edges, from domed to squared, or to add grooves to give it more character. A variety of finishes are also available and can change the entire look of the band. Choose from a traditional shiny, smooth appearance or a tougher hand-hammered design. Or choose a combination of the two, with smooth edges and a hammered center.


Avant-Garde also offers high quality jeweled stones which can be added to tension set titanium rings to add a burst of color. Avant Garde is proud to stand by all of their jewelry pieces. They use only the highest quality metals in the creation of their products. They hire only skilled craftsmen to treat each piece like individual work of art. In fact, Avant-Garde is so confident you will be satisfied with your purchase, they offer a 14-day money back guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty against any manufacturer or material defects. Whatever the occasion, mens tension set titanium rings from Avant-Garde are a great gift for the special man in your life.