Mens Wedding Bands - Titanium with Precious Metals

Titanium Wedding Ring Set with gold inlaysTitanium Wedding Ring Set


The history of the wedding ring hearkens back to Ancient Egypt and the days of Pharaohs. The first womens and mens wedding bands were thought to have been made from flowers and plants that grew along the Nile. Today, the wedding ring continues to be the outward symbol to the world that a person is married. Additionally, today’s wedding rings are still made out of natural materials right out of the Earth.

The shape of womens and mens wedding bands represents eternity – a never-ending circle. As couples plan to wear their rings until death do them part, selecting the perfect rings is a big decision necessitating a great deal of thought.

There are many options available – gold, silver, platinum, titanium, and tungsten. While color and style are important and, generally, the first shiny feature to catch the buyer’s eye, a couple should also consider their lifestyle, especially in when choosing mens wedding bands.


titanium piston ring Titanium and Platinum Wedding Bands

Mens wedding rings generally acquire more visible wear and tear than womens. This can be attributed to the type of work many men perform while on the job. If they work in a trade that requires operating tools or machinery or working in their yards the ring can be damaged. Gold is the most common material for wedding bands. Unfortunately, Gold is a soft metal and is easier to bend or scratch than harder elements, such as platinum or titanium.

Avant-Garde specializes in custom titanium rings and tungsten wedding bands. They craft all of their premium mens wedding bands using the highest quality materials. Their titanium and tungsten bands come in a wide variety of styles with many customizable options. Rings can be crafted with an assortment of different styles of edges and finishes.

A medley of precious metal inlays are also available to further customize the titanium and tungsten wedding bands. Customers can choose from silver, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or platinum. These inlays allow the groom to reveal his own distinct style and personality through his wedding band.

Clients can also add jeweled stones to their titanium ring to add a bit of color. This can be done with direct setting, where the stone is placed into the titanium to lay flush with the surface of the ring. Tension setting uses pressure to suspended the jewel between the two edges of the band.

All of Avant Garde’s mens wedding bands come with a Lifetime Warranty. This protects their customers in the event they discover any manufacturer or material defects. The Ohio-based company has a great deal of pride in their workmanship, allowing them to stand behind their products with confidence.

If you have upcoming nuptials, consider Avant-Garde for your womens and mens wedding bands.