Gold Titanium Rings and Inlay Rings


Titanium is one of the most durable, stylish and modern looking metals available to craft fine jewelry. It is known because it is more durable than virtually any of the other precious metals (such as gold, platinum or silver), but it looks just as beautiful and sleek. Titanium is used to make things like jet plane parts, which are absolutely required to be durable and non-breakable. It does not bend, deform or stain, so your wedding band or engagement ring will look just as beautiful in fifty years as the day you got it.

The variety of ring styles and sizes you can get in titanium is just as wide-ranging as with other metals. Titanium rings can be made with inlaid silver, gold or platinum for an especially luxurious look. The inlays are sturdy, going in at least one third of the total ring depth. You can choose any size and inlay metal for a gorgeous one-of-a-kind wedding band. If tungsten is more your style, we also carry a wide variety of lovely tungsten rings available with ceramic, gold and platinum inlays.

Titanium wedding ring set with thin inlays.