Tungsten Rings Lifetime Warranty


All Tungsten rings, purchased from Avant-Garde Jewelry inc. are covered by a lifetime repair or replacement guarantee for any defect, such as, but not limited to scratching, breakage, noticeable deformation, bending and denting that might occur with normal wear.

14 day Return and Exchange policy:

You can exchange/return your tungsten ring within 14 days of receipt. There is no restocking fees if the ring was not engraved or customized. We will only charge you $14.00 shipping/handling fee (for shipping back to you in case of the exchange).

Tungsten Rings Lifetime Sizing Guarantee:

All Tungsten rings, purchased from Avant-Garde Jewelry inc. are covered by a lifetime size replacement guarantee.

Should you ever find your tungsten carbide ring to be either too large or too tight, you can exchange it for a different size. Simply e-mail us to obtain an exchange authorization number. The exchange charge is $30.00

Please note: If the ring was engraved and/or ring finish was customized (brushed, or brushed center/polished sides) there will be a separate refurbishing fee of $30.00


Important information about Tungsten rings

All of our tungsten carbide rings are made with the superior tungsten carbide alloy instead of being made from pure tungsten. Many jewelers offer pure tungsten wedding rings that do not include Carbide. Tungsten in its pure state is just an exotic metal and do not poses the hardness of tungsten carbide and can scratch quite easily. It is only when Tungsten is processed with carbon and other elements and and compressed with high pressure and temperature, it is transformed into Tungsten Carbide (WC) - the hardest metal used for making jewelry.

Our tungsten carbide rings are cobalt free. This is very important as the presence of cobalt can cause an adverse reaction with human body, causing a skin rash and/or discoloration of the ring. Skin oils can bond with cobalt, bringing it to the surface of the ring resulting in discoloration similar to tarnishing, which cannot be removed by cleaning or even polishing.


Hardness and Scratch resistance

Tungsten Rings are the most wear resistant rings available today.
Hardness of tungsten carbide is comparable to that of the sapphire
Between 8.5 and 9 on the Mohs hardness scale (Diamond is a 10 - the highest).
Due to this extreme hardness, Tungsten Rings will hold their polish permanently. Tungsten carbide can only be scratched by diamonds and corundum family stones, or abrasive materials containing corundum or diamond. Consequently, these rings can be called scratch proof or permanently polished.

All of our wedding bands are made with the comfort-fit feature, providing optimal comfort for every day wear, and making it easier to put on and take off.


Can a Tungsten ring be removed in an Emergency?

Yes! In an emergency situation where there might be a medical necessity to remove the ring (such as hand or finger injury) The ring is removed by cracking it into pieces with standard vice grip locking pliers. The same technique is used for removing ceramic and natural stone rings like onyx or jade.

Place vice grip locking pliers over ring and adjust the jaws to clamp lightly. Release and adjust tightener one-third turn and then clamp again. Repeat until a crack is heard, and then continue clamping in different positions until the hard material breaks away. Take care not to slide or rotate the cracked ring on the finger.

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