Inside Ring Engraving & Special Finish


All of our Tungsten rings can be engraved on the inside. Although Tungsten carbide is extremely hard and scratch resistant, it can still be engraved with special laser and diamond engraving machines.

The finish of our tungsten rings can be customized. We can apply brushed finish to the entire ring, or parts of the ring (for example: brushed center, polished sides)

Engraving cost is $30.00.
Special Finish cost is $16.00
Engraving and/or Special finish usually take additional 1-2 work days.

Unlike our titanium rings, tungsten ring finish cannot be easily changed and engraving cannot be removed without reworking the entire ring.
We recommend that you take advantage of our offer to send you an
un-customized ring first to make sure it fits properly and you are satisfied with the appearance of the ring. You will then return the ring back to us for engraving and/or to apply the brushed finish. We will pay for the 2nd shipping (back to you).

To take advantage of this offer please select the "Approval" option under Customization Options.

If you prefer engraving and/or special finish to be done immediately, before the ring is shipped, simply uncheck the "Approval" option under Customization Options.

Please note:

Engraving and/or special finish fees are not refundable.
Engraved rings will be charged a refurbishing fee of $30.00 if you wish to return or exchange the ring.
Special finished rings will be charged a refurbishing fee of $20.00 if you wish to return or exchange the ring.

All engraving is done in capital letters. We can fit approximately 25-30 characters, including spaces, inside an average size ring. The engraving itself is a fine line, it is not deep, but because of the hardness of tungsten, will never diminish or wear off.

Please, choose between Block and Italic font styles:

Engraving ALWAYS - Italic font   |   FOREVER - block font