Titanium Tension Rings


Titanium Tension Rings with sapphires Titanium tension rings with sapphires


Today, many people are looking to have a wedding on a budget, leading countless engaged couples to evaluate the benefits of titanium tension rings.

This extremely affordable option allows both bride and groom to have a stylish ring at only a fraction of the cost of the comparable alternative of platinum.

While inexpensive, these rings could never be called “cheap.” Titanium is one of the hardest natural elements available and is nearly an indestructible material. It is resilient in high heat conditions, as well as resistant to bending and to scratches and nicks in the surface. If the titanium tension rings do incur any marring, the marks are shallow and easily buffed out.

Avant-Garde Titanium, a premier provider of titanium tension rings, forms their hand-crafted titanium jewelry from aircraft grade Ti-64, the hardest allow Ti-662, and pure Ti-999. All of their rings are hallmarked with their specific grade of titanium and their karat mark, guaranteeing the purity and quality of the alloys used in their construction.

Avant-Garde offers a variety of options regarding style of titanium tension rings, allowing each bride and groom to customize their band to reflect their own person taste.


Inlaid Tension Set Titanium Rings

The beautiful, deep silver tone of the titanium can be offset with an inner band of a different, bold, contrasting metal, such as yellow or white gold, or a more subtle contrast of platinum or silver. Details, like the width of the inlay, can even be dictated by the customer.

diamond titanium tension rings

Edges can be beveled, grooves can be added. Finishes can be shiny or buffed or even hand-hammered for more unique look. Daring couples may even choose a combination of finishes, such as a hammered edge and a smooth inlay. The possibilities are endless!

For a bride who wants to stick with tradition, titanium tension rings can also have side stones added. The stones can be placed on each sized of a center tension set diamond with direct setting, where the smaller stone is set into the titanium to lay flush with the surface of the band. This is a different method from tension setting, where the stone is suspended between two edges of the band, held in place by the pressure of the titanium band itself.

Even though titanium engagement rings are tough to scratch, Avant-Garde is able to offer custom engraving if the bride or groom would like to add a personal message to the inside of their band. This is accomplished using a special diamond and laser etching machine.

Avant-Garde considers it a privilege to create titanium engagement rings for their customers and treat each piece of jewelry as a unique piece of art. They are proud of their workmanship and stand behind their products with their Lifetime Warranty, which protects the purchaser against any manufacturer or material defects for the life of the piece.

Whether you are getting married on a budget or just appreciate the benefits of titanium tension rings, shop Avant-Garde for your special day.