Titanium Ring - a Strong Choice!

Are you looking for a beautiful, stylish Titanium Ring? Welcome to Titaniumstyle.com. When you visit Titaniumstyle.com you will find over 200 examples of the most beautiful titanium rings found on the Internet. Step into the twenty first century. Try a Titanium Ring today!

Titanium Ring with hammered finish

Why Choose Titanium Ring?

Why should you consider a Titanium Ring? Titanium is a modern day metal alloy originally created for use by the aerospace industry because it displays great strength while being very light weight. The same properties that make Titanium so appealing in aerospace design also make it attractive for jewelry manufacturers. At about 1/3 the weight of gold, titanium can be used to create jewelry that is not only beautiful but extremely comfortable to wear. To make it even more appealing, titanium jewelry is completely hypoallergenic. That means it will not cause any of the skin irritation that is commonly seen with other, even much more expensive, metals.

Even though Titanium has the same expensive look of platinum or white gold, it sells for a fraction of the cost. The price of a quality Titanium Ring will often be 50 to 75 percent less than a similarly styled ring made of gold or platinum. You don’t have to sacrifice a thing when you opt to purchase a Titanium Ring. Its beauty and affordability are only exceeded by its strength and performance.

titanium ring with sandblast finish and 3 gold inlays


When you purchase titanium jewelry from Titaniumstyle.com you can buy with confidence knowing that every piece of jewelry we sell comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee. Each Titanium Ring is meticulously hand crafted one at a time. The customer is able to choose the grade of titanium used as well as the desired width of the band. They can even request the addition of inlaid metal or textures. The picture above shows a titanium ring with beautiful sandblast finish and 3 choices of different color gold inlays.

If you lead an active lifestyle, play sports or have an occupation where you must work with your hands, a Titanium Ring is the perfect choice for you. They are comfortable to wear, won’t bend out of shape and will stand up to an incredible amount of wear and tear while maintaining a beautiful polished finish. Any surface scratches that do occur can be easily polished away.

With so many options to choose from, the hardest part may be trying to decide just which ring is right for you. Titanium can be finished with smooth or hammered finishes as well as laser cut designs. It can also be inlaid with other precious metals, diamonds or gemstones to create even more unique designs.

When it comes to titanium jewelry, your only design limitation may be your own imagination. Let Titaniumstyle.com show you the strength and versatility of titanium jewelry. Modern technology combined with timeless beauty. Step into the 21st century. Try a Titanium Ring today.




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