Titanium or Tungsten Ring for your Wedding Band?


Titanium or tungsten rings are all the rave right now and it’s easy to see why! These beautiful rings give endless design possibilities, are stylish, extremely durable, and best of all, affordable.


Titanium and tungsten are both natural elements which are known for their tough nature. They are materials commonly used in jet planes, automobiles, and even prosthetics. That hardiness also makes it a perfect material for jewelry, as people consider jewelry an investment and expect it to last, sometimes for generations.


Titanium or tungsten rings have especially become popular for men. Many of the designs are masculine in nature and the sturdiness of the rings appeals to many men, as they tend to be harder on their jewelry. Both titanium and tungsten are resistant to scratching, bending, or breaking, even under extreme situations.


Titanium Style is an Ohio based jeweler which specializes in titanium or tungsten rings. They have seen the rise in popularity and have expanded their line to accommodate the growing demand. They now offer their premium jewelry online at www.titaniumstyle.com and can customize each ring for the individual buyer.


All of their titanium or tungsten rings are made with the highest grade of material available. They have three grades of titanium to choose from : Aircraft grade Ti-64, the hardest allow Ti-662, and pure Ti-999. Their tungsten rings are actually constructed out of a blend of two natural elements, tungsten and carbide. When these two alloys are fused together, using extreme heat and pressure, it results in the hardest material available. All of the jewelry is hallmarked with their specific grade and type of metal and their karat mark, guaranteeing the purity and quality of the alloys used in their formation.


Shoppers can browse a variety of styles or work with Titanium Style’s expert artisans to create a custom look. Both titanium and tungsten rings can have an inlay of a different metal added. Choosing to add an inner band of a contrasting metal, such as yellow gold or rose gold results in a bold and striking look. For a customer looking for something more subtle, choosing an inlay of platinum, silver, or white gold would result in a more sophisticated and understated band. Inlays of ceramic or even black rubber are also available and growing in reputation as a unique option.


Titanium Style has a variety of edges to choose from and can also add grooves for additional interest. Gemstones can also be added for a burst of color. There are hundreds of combinations, making each ring unique.


Titanium Style is proud of their jewelry and treat each customer care and each piece of jewelry with attention to detail. They stand behind their work, which is demonstrated by their Lifetime Warranty. All of their titanium or tungsten rings can be purchased with complete confidence in their workmanship and the quality of the materials used in their making.



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