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Titanium Mens Rings Rounded

Titanium mens rings can be designed to be one of a kind. Designing it can be a simple process. Take the original design you have in mind and explain it to us by an email so that we can send you a quote and the possibilities of making it. We can use an existing ring and adjust it if there are just specific changes you would like. To start from scratch for a distinctive look, all of our rings are handmade, so we would love to give it a try. You are the main reason we are in business and being creative is our job and a pleasure.

From the Titanium mens rings to pendants with a cross, we have a wide selection of exceptional titanium show pieces. Each contemporary design is handcrafted and can be custom made just for you or your loved one as well as engraved. Our pendants are spectacular. The cylindrical pendant has a cut through cross that is just fascinating by the way the cross is on display. There are several chains to accent it from an 8mm curb chain to a 2.3mm ball chain for two totally differently looks.

Many guys like simple and our Titanium mens rings can be just that or as ornate as you please. There is the shiny domed rounded band that is classic, yet most popular. Engrave it to make it yours. For just a little more detail, the flat beveled edges for a bit more modern look, yet still has the comfort fit. There is a Two Milgrain Channel band that is extremely popular in either shiny or brushed finish. For those gentlemen who love sparkling gems, pick your favorite color and add one or several to the Titanium mens rings for your special gift.

As a client, feel free to explore the possibilities for gifts for your family or your sweetheart. There is a return policy of 14 days if you are not fully satisfied. For the upcoming holidays Avante Garde Titanium has extended the until the new year, so you can be confident of any exchanges or returns on your purchases. There is also a sizing chart that is sent after the order is placed to get the exact size with no worries.

There are three grades of titanium and they will not cause skin discoloration or tarnish and are ideal for those with sensitive skin. This amazing metal is perfect for a guy or girl and work so well as matching wedding bands. There are also favorites with pendants, chains, bracelets or Titanium mens rings. Each one is unique to you. let us do the work and you enjoy the benefits of these handmade jewelry pieces.





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