Titanium Inlay Ring Collection

titanium ring with 18k gold inlay in the centerWith seemingly endless design options, nearly every ring created by the Ohio based jeweler is one of a kind. Each ring is hand crafted by an expert artist, using only the highest quality of materials available. Avant Garde creates their impressive rings using three grades of titanium. Choose from aircraft grade titanium (Ti-64), special hard airspace titanium (Ti-662) or pure titanium (Ti-999). All three of these result in a hypoallergenic band which is completely resistant to corrosion, as well as bending or breaking. The rings also withstand rough conditions which would normally cause nicks and scratches on rings made of softer, more traditional metals, such as yellow gold or silver.


Gold, Platinum, Silver Inlays

To create a titanium inlay ring, the jeweler adds an inner band of a different metal, or even rubber or ceramic. This inner band can be inset in a channel or raised. You can choose from yellow or rose gold, or black rubber for a stunning contrast to the silvery titanium. For a more subtle, sophisticated difference, you might decide on white gold, silver, or platinum. You even get to decide on the width of the inlay, which can completely change the affect. You might want to add grooves to set the inlay apart. Selecting a double inlay, whether they are both the same or different, can result in an even more dramatic look.

inlaid titanium rings with rolled sides and 18k elevated gold

There are also different edging options available for you titanium inlay ring. Consider your options from a classic domed style, flat, or even beveled edges. For an even more unique ring, pick out a beautiful jeweled stone to add.


Different finishes to the ring can further customize your piece. Opt for a smooth shiny surface or a brushed satin façade. A hand hammered finish can also be selected. Mix it up, if you wish, with smooth titanium edges and a hammered inlay. The combinations and possibilities are limitless!


Complete your titanium inlay ring purchase by adding a personal message on the inside of the band. Avant Garde offers custom engraving, which they add to the hard metal using a special diamond laser machine. Choose from block lettering or italic.


All of Avant Garde’s titanium jewelry is backed by their Lifetime Warranty, which protects you against any manufacturer or material defects throughout the life of the jewelry piece. As a bonus, they also include a complimentary Lifetime Refinishing, which allows you to return your titanium inlay ring to them two times per year for a free surface refinishing, keeping your tailor – made band looking like new!