Contemporary Titanium Bracelets

A titanium bracelet may be the perfect gift for the hard-to-shop-for person on your list! Most of the time, people do not think of jewelry when they hear the word titanium, but rather golf clubs and jet engines. However, titanium is actually an ideal choice in the making of jewelry, especially necklaces. Most women’s jewelry boxes have a tangled clump of broken gold chains in a back corner, as these less-resilient necklaces often fall victim to combs and hairbrushes, rendering them useless.


Ohio based titanium jewelry expert, Avant-Garde, offers a wide variety of titanium bracelets. When shopping, one should consider the length of chain and width of links desired, as well as the overall appearance of the links.

Titanium bracelet with ID plate

A titanium bracelet is a popular choice for both men and women. This incredibly light-weight bracelet is has a sturdy appearance. If you are considering a titanium bracelet, you may want to look as some of the other unique jewelry Avant-Garde offers such as box chains, Figaro, and oval style chains. One of their popular specialty designs is the Titanium Ball Chain. This is a titanium necklace which is created in Military design even includes Military style connectors and a barrel clasp in place of the classic lobster clasp used on the rest of their titanium necklaces.


Avant-Garde also offers a selection of titanium dog tags and cross pendants. The cross pendants are designed to allow the titanium chain to slide through the top of the pendant, without the use of a connector, which alleviates the problem of the pendant twisting or tangling. The dog tags are polished on one side and have a brushed satin finish on the other. One or both sides can be custom engraved.


Customers may also opt to add a gift box to their purchase. You're loved one of special friend will love their new titanium bracelet.


At Avant-Garde, they are committed to the quality of their craftsmanship and customer service. This is illustrated by their 14-Day Money Back Guarantee and their Lifetime Warranty. The 14-Day Money Back Guarantee ensures each of their clients is completely satisfied with both the aesthetics of their new purchase, but also the quality of the workmanship. The Lifetime Warranty protects the buyer against any manufacturer or material defects which may be discovered on any of their jewelry. In the event a chain becomes bent or broken through normal wear and tear, the client can return the piece to Avant-Garde for repair or replacement.


Whether shopping for someone special or adding to your own jewelry collection, allow Avant-Garde to create for you the perfect titanium bracelet.