Tension Set Titanium Ring


diamond titanium tension ring


A tension set titanium ring makes the perfect addition to anyone’s jewelry collection. While tension setting is not a new technique, it has only truly been perfected in recent years. Now, more and more people are being drawn to the enchanting look of a tension set ring. Combine that allure with the durability and class of titanium and it is easy to see why the tension set titanium ring is growing so rapidly in popularity.


Tension setting actually refers to the method used to hold the gemstone in place. Instead of using prongs for a more traditional setting, the jeweler uses the tension created by the band itself to hold the stone in place. The two edges of the band act like springs to produce extreme pressure. The jewel appears suspended, almost magically. Not only is tension setting an exquisite design concept, it also allows light to flow easily through the stone, which exhibits its shine and brilliance brighter than a stone set with prongs. Prongs prevent light from being able to flow through the jewel as freely.


Titanium is an ideal metal for tension setting. Many metals are simply not hard enough to produce the required amount of pressure to effectively hold a stone in place. Some jewelers try to correct that problem by bulking up the band. However, titanium jewelry specialist, Titanium Style, opts to use Especially Hard Airspace Titanium (Ti-662). This is the hardest grade of titanium available and is easily able to provide the necessary pressure for a tension set titanium ring.


At Titanium Style, the tension set titanium ring is custom made to fit the finger it is intended to be worn on. The added advantage to this is the customer gets the opportunity to choose not only the stone, but any features they want added to the actual band.


diamond titanium tension rings


Customers may opt to add an inlay of a different metal to create some contrast to the deep silver of the titanium. For example, an inlay of yellow or rose gold would create a bold contrasting look. For a more sophisticated result, they could choose an inlay of silver or platinum. A client looking for something truly unique could go for a black inlay of rubber or ceramic. The stunning look of the black set inside the silver is sure to turn heads.


Of course, they can’t forget about the stone! The customer can pick out which stone they would like tension set in the band. Choose from high quality diamonds, rubies, emeralds, or sapphires. The experienced jewelers at Titanium Style can help guide you as you decide on size, shape, and color of the jewel. All of Titanium Style’s rings are hallmarked with their grade of titanium and karat mark, guaranteeing the purity and quality of the alloys used in their making. They also offer a Lifetime Warranty on their jewelry to protect the buyer against any manufacturer or material defects. A well made tension set titanium ring is an investment which will last a lifetime.