Black Titanium Wedding Rings - Ideal Alternative

A black titanium wedding ring. Have you thought about something so exciting and different for you and your spouse? While we do not work with black titanium, we have the ideal alternative:


Among a variety of reasons, perhaps the most important flaw in black titanium is that the color is not solid. This is because black titanium rings are made of special grade titanium that produces a thin layer of black deposit on the surface when heat treated. The deposit is tough and somewhat scratch resistant, but thin. It will scratch off with time, showing white marks on black surface.


Black inlay tungsten carbide ring

Black ceramic is a revolutionary space-age material. It is as light as titanium and as tough as tungsten carbide. These fascinating jewelry pieces are made of Zirconium Ceramic that have a metallic look and are black in color. They all look like black diamond and are extremely shiny as in high gloss finish. Choosing your bands are an important step in preparing for the big day, so our goal is to give you quality product and a hassle free environment while making this important purchase.


There is the black wedding ring that is called the Flat Zirconium Ring with beveled edges. It has a modern look with the square cut, yet it still has the comfort edges for everyday use. They are a lightweight durable rings that will last a lifetime


There is also the black titanium wedding ring that is called the Domed Zirconium Ceramic Ring. This highly polished ring is so shiny its like looking into a mirror. And it will keep that luster throughout your life. If any scratches do happen, we can buff them out and it will look just as perfect as the day you put it onto your spouse’s finger. With a 6mm or 8mm width and a comfort fit, you can choose the engraving on the inside. With a block letter or italic, you have up to 30 letters (all caps) to inscribe a memorable saying on it.


Another variation of the black titanium wedding ring is the Flat Tungsten Carbide Ring with Black Ceramic Inlay. It has the ceramic inset about double the width of the edges. This ring is made of Tungsten Carbide and has an inset of the Titanium through the middle. A striking ring for both men and women to wear as their wedding bands. More information about tungsten carbide ring can be found at:


Make sure to purchase the Zirconium Ceramic Bracelet as well. This piece is also lightweight and has a high gloss shine. For many with allergies, this gives peace of mind since its hypoallergenic. It is also versatile because the links can be removed to make it smaller and the fold over clasp makes it easy to put it on and take it off by yourself. Plenty of friends or acquaintances will notice this stunning set. The great part about this is they can be worn with your casual or business attire. A black titanium wedding ring and bracelet make a powerful statement when worn for everyday use.