Black Titanium Wedding Bands Alternative
That Will Stay Black Forever!

If you have ever purchased a black titanium wedding band, you have probably already discovered the problem. It doesn’t stay black forever.

A black titanium wedding band is actually created by using a specific grade of titanium which produces a black coating on the surface when extreme heat is applied. The problem with this technique is the color will scratch off over time. Even though titanium is generally extremely scratch resistant, the black coating does eventually begin to scruff and scrape off, which will reveal white marks on the surface of the band over time.

Many jewelers will offer black titanium rings and fail to warn the customer of this risk. Instead, they tout the unparalleled features of titanium. They tell you how durable it is. They tell you how it won’t break or bend. They tell you how hard the surface is to scratch or nick. They will even brag about how lightweight the metal is for something so tough. They will compare it to platinum, yet show you it is a fraction of the cost of platinum. However, they forget to mention the one flaw with black titanium.

Titanium Style is a leader in the design and creation of titanium and tungsten jewelry. They have a strong commitment to only producing the highest quality of jewelry, which starts with the highest quality and grades of the metals they work with. Due to this, they do not offer a black titanium wedding band amongst their vast line of jewelry. Instead, if there is a customer who wants the look of a black band, they steer them towards their black ceramic and tungsten rings, or titanium rings with black rubber inlays.


Black inlay titanium ringsFlat Titanium bands with Black Rubber Inlay


Domed Black titanium rings with rubberDomed Titanium rings with Black Rubber Inlay


Black titanium rings with beveled sides

Their black ceramic rings are actually created from a zirconium-based ceramic, which is one of the hardest materials on the market. A band made from this ceramic is scratch proof, as well as resistant to any bending, breaking or deformation, like titanium. Zirconium measures a 9 on the Moh’s hardness scale. The only material which can scratch its solid surface is a diamond. The color of the ceramic is a deep, onyx-like black with a brilliant shine, which will not dull, fade, or chip over time.

Ceramic bands are available in 6mm and 8 mm widths. Many available with tungsten inlays to break the black up and create an entirely new look.