Owning titanium is not only a stylish investment but it’s one you will carry for life. Virtually indestructible, titanium rings are becoming more and more popular in the world of fashion. One of the many reasons men and women alike are turning to this versatile metal is because of its durable properties. Many of the traditional precious metals do not stand up to severe wear and tear as titanium does. If you’re hitting the weights often or getting your hands dirty at work, titanium rings are a fantastic choice to stand up to extreme use. Here at Titanium Style we recognize the need for your jewelry to stand up to your lifestyle, so there is no need to adjust your routine or the way you go about your day.

With a titanium ring, there is no fear of damage, which is part of the appeal to those who are in mechanical or industrial fields. Typically constructed of about 90-95% titanium, these rings can withstand severe conditions and the occasional ding from your work tools. They hold their sheen well and are much more resistant to tarnish than gold or silver rings. Engineers or laboratory technicians who may be dealing with corrosive materials or hazardous machinery are just a few professions that have switched to titanium rings. Perfect for those sporting a wedding band and typically don’t like to remove them.

Black Titanium Ring Accents

Titanium Rings

A current trend that that has become more and more popular are black accents within your titanium ring. Both eye-catching and unique, black is making a statement among titanium jewelry. Even wedding bands are sporting the fad now. Many jewelers have mixed traditional titanium with black inlay accents into a piece and achieved an extremely elegant, yet modern look. Some popular choices are black inlay rings, design inserts or even doubling up the bands for a fashionable two-tone design. Channels and raised edges can also add dimension to your ring, giving it more depth.

Enhance Your Style With Gemstones and Precious Metals

Titanium rings are extremely stunning mixed with a few precious metals. Pairing the sleek and stylish look of titanium ring with a rose gold or 24k gold inlay will complement your style and is sure to be an eye-catching accessory. Use a platinum inlay for a matching, yet subtle contrast. The mix of colors are always extremely chic and sure to catch some attention.

Another trend that is becoming more and more common is setting gemstones in titanium. This is very common with wedding bands. Titanium wedding rings are a fantastic choice as they offer an elegant style, without the monumental cost of platinum or even white gold. Diamonds, emeralds and other gems give your jewelry a sophisticated flair and your wedding band should be no exception. Don’t limit your stones to just women’s rings, either. Gemstones enhance men’s wedding rings as well. Diamonds are especially popular in men’s wedding bands and have been for some time. Emeralds and rubies will also add a pop of color and provide a stunning contrast to any titanium band.

Titanium Rings with gold

Join the Titanium Movement

If you’re looking for lightweight jewelry, Titanium is the route to go. Gold and silver have such a heavy mass to them and this can take a toll on any part of your body. Titanium rings are said to be some of the lightest, yet strongest rings made. They are fashionable and won’t weigh your hand down. It’s clear to see why the titanium fad is growing in popular culture. Not only does it give your jewelry a modern and distinguished look, but with these numerous benefits titanium is clearly winning the world over and leaving a notable impression.