Titanium Style offers premier titanium jewelry by offering the finest selection of titanium rings and wedding bands. We know that our clients only want the best when it comes to personal accessories and gifts for their loved ones, which is why our products are all hand-crafted to perfection, made from the hardest grades of titanium at the best prices available anywhere.

Our collection of rings include classic titanium wedding bands, tension set rings, inlaid rings with precious metals, and diamonds. We also offer titanium bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and earrings. Our wide inventory and designs for both men and women ensure that our customers can find the titanium ring, necklace, or bracelet that fits their style and personality.

Only very recently did titanium become a main component for personal accessories. This metal is often used for aircraft manufacturing, medicine, and aerospace engineering. Today it is one of the most sought after materials for jewelry making.


What are the benefits of titanium jewelry?

  • Hypoallergenic
    Our titanium wedding rings and other jewelry pieces are 100% hypoallergenic. The metal is not prone to discoloration and will not cause any allergic reaction, skin irritations or discomfort. It is absolutely safe for those who suffer from nickel allergy.

  • Strong and Durable
    Our jewelry pieces are made of aircraft grade Ti-64, the hardest alloy Ti-662 and pure Ti-999. Knowing that jewelry will be a part of your daily routine, we've made sure to use an alloy that will keep our titanium rings and other pieces in shape. They will also stay flawless over time, requiring only minimal buffing. Your jewelry will look shiny and brand new for many years to come.

  • Affordable
    Being a metal used in industrial applications, titanium may seem expensive. However, titanium jewelry is actually affordable. We have basic designs that cater to different types of budgets. We also create designs with diamonds, gemstones and precious metal inlays. If you're looking for a wedding band that is just as gorgeous but less expensive that those made of gold or platinum, titanium wedding rings are definitely recommended.

Titanium Style offers an exclusive Lifetime Warranty. Every purchase would entitle you to a warranty card that would give you the benefits of lifetime repair or replacement guarantee including, but not limited to, breakage, noticeable deformation, bending or denting through normal wear.

We also ensure that our products fit our customers perfectly! Free sizing services will be included for every titanium ring order. Our products are made in the USA and are true to U.S. sizing standard.

Additionally, we offer lifetime re-finishing free of charge. This is available to our customers, for as long as they own the jewelry. We can assure you that our titanium rings and other jewelry pieces can and will retain the design and form even after multiple re-finishes.

Call us at 1-800-408-6756 for more information about our collection or for any assistance in finding the right titanium wedding band or accessories for yourself or loved one.

titanium rings set with diamonds and thin line 18K gold inlay


I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my new titanium ring. The moment I received the ring, I was truly amazed by it. It's very beautiful and I can see the thorough attention given in its craftsmanship. The ring feels very smooth and comfortable on my finger.

What a fantastic company! I was really apprehensive about ordering our titanium rings online, but having looked everywhere for the style we wanted, I found it on your site. My *many* emails were answered immediately and always helped to reassure me. The ring sizer arrived in about a week and luckily we were able to amend our sizes as I'd actually ordered them slightly too small originally. Once that was done it was about another week and our rings arrived. They fit perfectly and look absolutely stunning!! I cannot thank you enough for such wonderful service and beautiful titanium rings that we will wear with pride for the rest of our lives. I will definitely be recommending you to all of my friends and family and hope to be a returning customer for various other bits we've liked the look of on here! Keep it up and thank you again!

Not only am I difficult to please, but my wife and I were putting together a wedding in under a month. We have accomplished the impossible and thanks to these guys I have titanium ring I love. Not only did they have the designs, and prices I liked, but they actually make titanium rings in the larger widths for a larger guy like me. I ended up getting a 10mm ring in a size 15. You can't find that anywhere else!! Believe me, I looked. These guys rock! They were prompt, courteous, and above all had the best product ever! You will not be disappointed!

This ring is absolutely perfect: size is just right, and it is simplistic yet beautiful. It's everything I wanted in a titanium ring. Customer service was very friendly and prompt when adjusting some of my order details. I cannot wait for our wedding ceremony so I can begin wearing it!