It is becoming increasingly popular to use titanium in wedding bands instead of traditional metals like gold and platinum. There are many qualities about titanium and titanium alloys that make them advantageous for wedding bands and other jewelry. Within the last thirty years, titanium became available on the open market. It didn’t gain much popularity until the 2000s, but now it is one of the most popular alternative metals used in jewelry and wedding bands. Jewelers and engaged couples alike are discovering this new option in the wedding band market, along with all of the reasons to buy a titanium wedding band. Being a more economical option among its alternatives, titanium wedding bands also have qualities that make them the more practical and desirable choice.

Titanium Wedding Band Pros

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Amongst other reasons to buy titanium wedding bands are their lightweight and comfort. Since titanium wedding bands are more lightweight than metals like gold or platinum, it is more comfortable to wear and less noticeable to the wearer. Another way that titanium stands out among its competitors is in its durability.

Titanium is incredibly resistant to specific pressures like bending or cracking. Unlike certain other materials, it is extremely tough to snap a titanium band. However, you can still scratch titanium. The difference between titanium and typical wedding band materials is on titanium (especially harder grades Ti-6/4 and Ti-6/6/2), scratches will be very shallow. You do not have to worry about deformation, nicks, and dents with titanium, and the ring will retain its original form and design forever, even after multiple re-finishings. Another titanium wedding band pro is that it has low thermal conductivity.

Low thermal conductivity means that the metal will not warp and change in size very much in more extreme weather or temperature situations. However, this will mean that it is vital to get the correct ring size. Titanium is very easy to find, so the options are very economical. Classic titanium wedding ring styles can be less than one hundred dollars, which would not be possible with rings made of gold, platinum, or even palladium.

Titanium Wedding Band Pros (continued)

Titanium rings are anti-allergenic, meaning no one with a titanium ring will ever experience “wedding ring rash.” A wedding ring rash is when an allergic reaction to nickel used in traditional gold wedding bands causes inflammation. Unfortunately, many are unaware of this allergic reaction until they experience it for the first time. Titanium wedding bands also have a more comprehensive range of color options than alternative metals. If a couple is looking for something unique, titanium is usually the way to go.

Titanium is extremely versatile in design in many ways. If you prefer the idea of precious metals for your wedding band, you can combine precious metals like gold. This inlay will allow you to keep titanium’s durable properties while adding a precious metal. Titanium can also integrate with other durable metals like tungsten if precious metals are not what you are seeking. Titanium is similar to other metals in a couple of important ways. You are able to engrave titanium wedding bands in the typical fashion that you would engrave a gold or platinum ring.

It can have inlaid stones similar to the other common ring materials. If you want a more economical option, but don’t want to go to silicon wedding bands, then titanium wedding bands are the right move. Since titanium is less expensive than other materials, it is also more widely available. This availability means that you wouldn’t have to scour the entire internet for your preferred design. Instead, there are many design options made available quickly.

Titanium Wedding Band Cons

Titanium rings are a clear category winner due to their many important qualities. However, it is not a perfect material for all situations, and there should be special consideration for specific instances. If you work with hefty machinery very typically and have experienced broken or damaged titanium rings, it might be best to go with other options like tungsten or silicon. Tungsten is a bit stronger than titanium and is still economically priced. Silicon is the most affordable option for wedding bands. Silicon would be the optimal solution for anyone who repeatedly loses or damages their wedding band. The main reason for this is that titanium does not break easily.

When it undergoes a large amount of pressure, it will bend instead of break. So, if you are working with machinery with your hands, it might not be best to use titanium in your wedding band. It is better to have a ring that will break away instead of bending on your finger and getting stuck to cause further damage. One of the downsides of titanium is that it will not shine as brightly as gold or silver. It has a more matte finish, although you can polish it to shine like gold or silver.

Titanium Wedding Band Cons (continued)

You should note that any jeweler capable of polishing platinum rings can also polish titanium. The jeweler would use the same process and equipment for both materials. Since titanium is extremely durable and hard, you won’t typically need to repair it, but if repair is necessary, it is complicated to repair titanium for the same reason. The robust metal will not bend or shape easily at all. Some recommend repurchasing the ring completely, as it will have lost its integrity after it was first damaged. The same qualities that make titanium wedding bands hard to repair also make them difficult to resize. Since titanium is tough to resize, you must ensure the ring’s correct sizing before ordering it. Some shops don’t even possess the capabilities to resize a titanium wedding ring. You might have to pay a higher premium to resize a titanium ring than one might think.

In Summary…

When it comes down to it, the most critical factor in any band would be whether it meets your needs. Some couples want the most elegant and elaborate wedding bands to find on the market, which isn’t necessarily bad. It comes down to personal preference. If you and your partner aren’t concerned with using expensive materials like gold or platinum and would rather not pay the premium, titanium is right. The truth is, you can easily avoid most downsides of titanium wedding bands if you take the proper precaution. Many couples will find beautiful titanium wedding bands that meet all of their needs, and then some. Do you think a titanium wedding band is right for you?

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