Titanium Wedding Bands For Men

For many years wedding rings for men came in a small variety. The basic golden band is what most men chose and that is because they didn’t have many other options. Truthfully, a portion of men was fine with this option and happily purchased their traditional wedding ring. However, this traditional option did not meet [...]

Titanium Wedding Bands: Pros and Cons

It is becoming increasingly popular to use titanium in wedding bands instead of traditional metals like gold and platinum. There are many qualities about titanium and titanium alloys that make them advantageous for wedding bands and other jewelry. Within the last thirty years, titanium became available on the open market. It didn’t gain much popularity [...]

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How To Measure Your Ring Size At Home

When you walk into a jewelry store looking to buy titanium rings for your wedding, you can easily find the right ring size because all you have to do is ask for the ring and then try it on to see if it fits you. Despite the convenience of online shops however, finding the right [...]

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Why Choose a Comfort Fit Wedding Band?

  Once you’ve gotten engaged and planned most of the wedding in detail, it’s most likely time to start thinking about wedding bands and the type of style you might be interested in. You’ve probably spent some time contemplating what you’d like your ring to be made of and how you want it to look, [...]

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