For many years wedding rings for men came in a small variety. The basic golden band is what most men chose and that is because they didn’t have many other options. Truthfully, a portion of men was fine with this option and happily purchased their traditional wedding ring. However, this traditional option did not meet the needs of a large group of men in the market for a wedding ring.

Wedding Band Styles For Men

As mentioned previously, men have not always had a large selection available when purchasing their wedding rings. In recent years this has changed, and men now have many different options at their disposal. Those whose needs were not being met by traditional metals now have a large selection of alternatives. Many needed different options due to work environments that don’t permit soft metal rings.

Others found the alternatives preferable due to the alternative wedding rings being a better economical decision. Many materials are being used nowadays for men’s wedding bands. Some of the most common alternative metals are titanium, tungsten, stainless steel, and even cobalt. There are also materials like silicon, ceramic, wood, or even antler being used in men’s wedding rings. If you are interested you can even have wedding bands made out of genuine antler or meteorite material. 

Wedding Band Options For Men

The market has opened up completely for men’s wedding bands in recent years. Companies are making wedding rings out of virtually any material you can think of now. We only listed some of the most popular alternative materials. These alternative materials meet the different needs of different people. Your typical gym-goer might have an alternative material ring that is either more lightweight or more flexible, like silicone.

Those who work in an intensive labor field may want something more durable and scratch-resistant like titanium or tungsten. It truly is important to consider what your needs are before you purchase a wedding ring. Many will buy a ring made of traditional expensive metals and realize it does not work for them. Avoid this pitfall if you can. 

Gold, Platinum, or Palladium (traditional wedding band metals) can be a good choice for many men, but it is always best practice to do your research before making a big purchase like this one. This purchase is also different from many others, as you will ideally keep this product for the rest of your life. 

Two rings for men

Traditional Metal Wedding Band Flaws

The most common metal used in wedding bands for men is gold. Many are aware of the basic properties of gold but don’t understand how it will affect them. The main downfall of gold is its softness and malleability. This makes it great for crafting jewelry because jewelers can shape it into almost any design. The malleability does, however, present issues for many men who are looking for a wedding ring.

The main issue that men (or anyone) would face is at their job. Many who deal with construction, machinery, or rough materials have seen issues with gold wedding rings in particular. This is due to the fact that gold is a very soft metal. It can easily be bent and cause the ring finger to be pinched inside of it. This is the case with most metals used in wedding bands but is most prevalent in gold as it is one of the softest metals used. Another issue is that gold will also become scratched easily. This means that it will not maintain its shine or glow for very long.

Consider The Following

This obviously will not hurt you and is not a major issue for many, however, it does kind of defeat the purpose of buying a gold ring. If you work in the labor field it would make sense to think twice, at least, about buying an expensive wedding ring. This leads us to the last main issue with traditional metal wedding bands. 

The last issue with these metals is that they are not very economical. Wedding bands for men can become very expensive if looking at traditional metals. Options like platinum can get very expensive very quickly. The truth is younger people today do not care as much about following traditions as those in the past. The norm is being broken with married couples across the country. Many don’t even care to have a traditional wedding anymore, let alone buying expensive traditional wedding bands. The truth is, all that matters about your wedding day, wedding ring, or wedding anything is what you and your partner want. Breaking the mold is not an issue. 

Two titanium rings stacked on top of eachother

Titanium Wedding Bands

These wedding bands offer many advantages that gold or other precious metals don’t. Titanium is much more durable than these typical precious metals. Mainly, the fact that titanium cannot become easily scuffed or scratched is its appeal. Many who own titanium jewelry notice that it looks virtually the same as the day they purchased it. This is not to say that titanium is “scratch-proof” by any means, but it is very scratch-resistant. The alloy’s oxidization helps any scratches that do occur fade and become almost unnoticeable.

As titanium continues to grow in popularity as a metal used in wedding bands, many more design options have become available. Titanium rings with precious metal inlays are very popular. This design allows the wearer to still feature a precious metal and have a durable wedding band. This option will usually be more economical when you compare it to a ring that is made completely of precious metals. If you would like something similar, durable and extravagant, consider setting a stone in a titanium wedding band for men.

Custom Titanium Rings

We can currently set traditional diamonds, black diamonds, rubies, and sapphires in our titanium wedding rings. This is the perfect option for those who want a precious ring but are afraid of damaging it. We also offer the option of customizing the ring with personalized inscriptions. This is also available for our tungsten and black zirconium ceramic rings. There are many options available for differing needs and different designs. Ultimately, it comes down to what you want.

Two titanium rings for men side by side


To wrap it up, the traditional style of wedding rings does not work for everyone. People, in recent years, have started to do away with the older ways of doing things when it comes to their wedding day. Many men find their needs are better met by titanium rings than the traditional gold or platinum rings. If you are in the market for a wedding ring and are stuck between two different options, our best suggestion is to do more research. Truthfully, we think our rings speak for themselves, however, investigating a product more thoroughly is never a bad idea. Do you think a titanium ring is right for you? Shop our selection or reach out to us by phone or email.

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