Contrary to popular belief, titanium isn’t a new metal. It was discovered in 1791 and has been used for rings since the 1990s. A popular alternative to gold or silver, titanium has strength and durability that other precious metals don’t offer. Titanium rings also happen to be quite inexpensive. They’re a great option for budget-conscious shoppers.

But titanium rings still aren’t widely known. To help educate the world about this great alternative jewelry metal, we interviewed a panel of 8 experts. Here’s what they had to say.

Sophie | Made of Jewelry

Sophie launched her website, Made of Jewelry, in 2013 to blog about her jewelry finds. She wants to share the jewelry she discovers and her interests. She doesn’t profess to be a jewelry insider or gemologist; rather, she simply has a passion for the world of jewelry.

Why are titanium rings not as widely known as other more expensive alternatives?

Titanium is not as well-known as some other metals. It’s known to be used in industrial things, such as airplanes, so it doesn’t have the same association to jewelry as gold and silver do.

What are some common misconceptions about titanium rings? 

Some common misconceptions are that titanium isn’t strong and its color doesn’t last. Another misconception is that it’s a cheaper version of platinum.

What are the benefits of titanium rings?

Titanium rings are actually more resistant to change and stronger than other metals. For example, it’s much stronger than gold. Also titanium rings are lightweight, which is always good if you love to stack a lot of rings.

Why would you choose a titanium ring over another ring?

As long the ring looks good, it doesn’t really matter to me. Design is what it’s all about! Personally, the only thing I’d never buy is a brass ring. They tend to tarnish really quickly.

What styles do titanium rings come in?

I love to look around on Etsy and I’ve noticed that titanium rings are mainly wide ring bands. They often have a wedding band appearance.

Katilyn | Cheap Tulle

Katilyn is a rising junior at Kenyon College, studying English and Art History. After spending the summer of 2016 interning for NYLON Magazine’s editorial department in Manhattan, she started her personal style blog Cheap Tulle. In addition to all things fashion, she is passionate about contemporary American poetry, early photographs of Paul McCartney and eBay.

What are some common misconceptions about titanium rings? 

A misconception that I’ve always had about titanium jewelry, and rings in particular, has to do with the price range. For whatever reason, I’ve always associated titanium with platinum—perhaps because the words sound similar. Since platinum jewelry is expensive, I tend to assume that titanium jewelry is also really expensive. I also associate titanium with its use in airplanes, spacecraft and various pieces of medical equipment. This contributes to my misconception that it is used for robust, expensive machinery instead of delicate jewelry.

What styles do titanium rings come in?

As a person who has experimented with various ear and nose piercings, I’ve always found titanium to be particularly gentle and a non-irritating metal. My skin is very sensitive. When purchasing earrings, I often look for titanium jewelry or pieces made from other like metals.

How would you style a titanium ring?

Like any other piece of grey colored jewelry, I would style a titanium ring among other pieces of gold and silver. When wearing rings, I like to emphasize the contrast of different metals. The play of silver and gold color is particularly trendy right now. Because titanium is a nicer, more durable metal than a cheaper copper ring that you would find on a sale rack at Urban Outfitters or H&M, I also like to let its elegance stand alone.

Ruxandra | From Brussels, with Love

Ruxandra is a fashion blogger from Brussels, Belgium. A world traveler, she’s constantly on the search for new inspiration for her posts. She shares outfit and travel posts on her blog, From Brussels, with Love, on a daily basis.

What are some common misconceptions about titanium rings? 

I think the most common misconception is the fact that titanium rings cannot be engraved. I know many people think that titanium is a very hard metal, thus thinking it cannot be engraved. However, that is totally false as it can be engraved.

What are the benefits of titanium rings?

I know that, as someone who can’t stand metals like gold or silver, titanium is hypoallergenic.

How would you style a titanium ring?

I’d wear a titanium ring in a punk rock, grunge outfit. I think this would be the best style for a titanium ring.

Anton Polishuk | Titanium Style

Born in Moscow Russia, Anton attended Art & Jewelry Design school in Moscow. He has lived in the USA since 1990. He graduated from University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP). Worked in jewelry industry as designer and custom jewelry maker, he founded Avant-Garde Jewelry Co. in 1998. He specializes in hard metal jewelry fabrication and design.

Why are titanium rings not as widely known as other more expensive alternatives?

Titanium is relatively new to the jewelry industry. Silver and platinum have been in use for hundreds of years, while gold has been used in jewelry for thousands of years.

Titanium entered the jewelry scene about 20-30 years ago. It’s not as widely known or recognized.

Also, on a pragmatic note, not a lot of jewelry stores are willing to carry it. It’s not an easy metal to customize or resize.

What are some common misconceptions about titanium rings? 

The big one is that titanium rings cannot be cut off in an emergency. We did an article on that, How To Get A Ring Off: The Ultimate Guide. Titanium rings can be cut off. They’re not as easy to cut off as gold or silver rings, but it can be done with the right equipment. We sell a special kit for that.

Another misconception, I think, is that titanium cannot be engraved. Again, that’s not true. Titanium rings can be engraved. Equipment that can engrave stainless steel should have no problem engraving titanium. Most jewelry stores only have equipment to engrave gold, silver, and platinum. They won’t be able to engrave titanium. But if you go to a specialty place that can engrave stainless steel, they will have no problem.

Another misconception: that titanium rings cannot be sized. That’s true to some degree, because titanium is very hard. However, titanium rings can be sized by experts, to within a difference of one size.

Another misconception is that titanium will wear down any other metal that’s worn with it. For example, if you have titanium next to a gold or platinum engagement ring, some people think that the titanium ring will wear down the softer ring. This is not true. Titanium is harder than other metals, but it’s not abrasive.

Also, if you have a titanium pendant on a gold chain, some people think the chain will wear down. Again, this isn’t true.

A lot of people think that titanium is only used for making rings. That’s not true. We offer titanium bracelets, rings, crosses, and necklaces.

What are the benefits of titanium rings?

Again, the huge benefit of titanium rings is that they’re hypoallergenic. They’re completely safe for people with contact dermatitis or any other sensitive skin or allergic reaction. Only two metals used in the jewelry industry offer that: platinum and titanium. Platinum is expensive, while titanium is a very affordable choice for someone with those allergies.

Titanium is also a beautiful metal. It offers a unique, dark, gleaming silver color. White gold is much brighter. Silver is paper-white. If someone wants a darker, gleaming look, especially if they have darker skin tones, titanium is great for that.

Some people believe that titanium has medical capabilities, negative ions and all that. Personally, I think this is a little pseudoscientific. But I don’t have much knowledge about that.

Of course, the other big advantage of titanium and why you would choose it—it’s hard. It’s not going to deform or dent. It will scratch, but not deeply. It’s easy to refinish the ring without losing material. It will be the same ring even after multiple refinishings.

Also, titanium will not tarnish. It does not react to oxygen, salt water, chlorine, anything. Basically, it’s tarnish proof. That’s a huge benefit.

Another benefit is the cost. You get a jewelry metal at a fraction of the cost of platinum or gold. But that connects to the first question, why it’s not wildly known or popular. Titanium itself does not have any intrinsic value. For example, if you smash a gold ring with a hammer, the gold is still valuable. If you do the same to a titanium ring, it becomes essentially worthless. The metal itself isn’t worth more than a few cents, maybe. Silver is the same way now, with how cheap it is.

What styles do titanium rings come in?

I can tell you what styles they DON’T come in. Anything flowery, organic, filigree—it’s not impossible to do these styles with titanium, it’s just unusual to find them. Titanium jewelry styles are usually more geometric and modern.

One of the limitations of titanium is that it’s not easy to cast. With traditional jewelry, the models are made in wax first. Then the ring is cast from the impression.

Titanium can be cast, but it’s not easy. Titanium rings are usually made by machining them from solid blocks. Again, that’s because the material is cheap, so you can afford to shave most of it off. You would never do this with gold, but it doesn’t matter for titanium. Of course, this machining limits the style to geometric, contemporary shapes.

Since titanium is so hard, it does well with softer metals inlaid into it. We have a lot of styles like that, titanium with other metals inlaid. That’s a unique style that isn’t usually found outside of titanium rings.

Titanium is also very good for a tension setting ring. It’s naturally strong with good memory and good springiness. In a tension setting, the whole ring acts as a clamp that holds a stone under pressure. That technique was developed for platinum and gold, but with those softer metals, the ring has to be bulky to get the tension required. Titanium can work with normal thickness.

Maja & Sanela | Get Sparkly

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Why are titanium rings not as widely known as other more expensive alternatives?

Titanium rings have many advantages, which is something people usually forget. Titanium rings are often cheaper than gold and silver rings. The metal is very solid, that’s why many people believe Titanium rings are also heavy. This isn’t true! A titanium ring with diamonds would be a lot lighter than a golden ring of the same design. Also, it’s believed that titanium is a manly metal. If combined with gemstones or other metals, titanium can be very attractive for women too.

What are the benefits of titanium rings?

They can last forever! Titanium rings are quite resistible to damages, water, seas salt, chlorine and even heat. One interesting fact: titanium rings won’t get hot if exposed to high temperature. Titanium rings are hypoallergenic, making them appropriate for all who have allergic reactions to jewelry. Titanium rings are often worn by those who enjoy extreme or water sports.

What styles do titanium rings come in?

There are many styles. For us, the most interesting Titanium ring styles are those with specific texture. Our favorite texture is a satin finish. The most common titanium rings are polished, with smooth and shiny surfaces. Some Titanium ring’s surfaces are reminiscent of tree bark and frost. Of course, there are also colored titanium rings. They are often combinations of titanium, gemstones and other metals.

How would you style a titanium ring?

We love titanium rings with a golden line in the middle. We would love to combine titanium with rose gold, since rose gold is currently very popular. It would be nice to see titanium midi rings, considering we love to wear midi rings.

Jenny | JLo from the Blog

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How would you style a titanium ring?

Titanium rings are awesome for clustering! They give a very polished, yet edgy look to any outfit sans a clunky appearance! Personally, I would wear one on my thumb and one on my middle finger with a casual outfit—like a band tee and ripped jeans. Titanium rings work for day and night. They’re also some of my favorite rings for guys. Some guys are weary of adding rings to an outfit, but a Titanium ring can make the difference between a Gap guy and a GQ guy.

Emilia | Just EMSi

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Why are titanium rings not as widely known as other more expensive alternatives?

Most people think the titanium rings are lower quality than platinum, gold and silver, but this is definitely a myth.

What are the benefits of titanium rings?

For me the greatest value of titanium is its hypoallergenic properties. Titanium is also more scratch resistant compared to other precious metals, so it can stay in excellent condition longer than other metals.

What styles do titanium rings come in?

Titanium rings come from a style of simplicity. In my opinion, this is the best way to create the feeling of timelessness both in brand identity and products.

How would you style a titanium ring?

I would definitely style a titanium ring with boyfriend jeans, a classic white shirt, a pair of black high heels or some more comfortable stylish shoes and red lips—a must have! Keep it as simple as possible to highlight the beauty of the titanium jewelry!