Create Custom Inlaid Titanium Rings With Titanium Style

There is nothing like a declaration of love and commitment than bestowing your loved one with a personal ring of your own design and choosing. Inlaid titanium rings make for ideal customizable pieces of jewelry to commemorate that special occasion, whether it is a birthday, an anniversary or a wedding that you want to make perfect. As a durable, stylish material, it is perfect for that unique expression of love and commitment.

Our titanium inlay rings are made from the highest grade and standard. We use an aircraft-grade titanium base and solid precious metal inlays. We take great pride in the fact that our rings are never plated or gold-filled, so you can be assured that we went to great lengths to craft your ring perfectly and with the purest materials. Titanium is an extremely long wearing metal compared to other traditional types of material used for jewelry, which make them quality buys and timeless gifts. Titanium does not stain nor does it deform, so it will always look as good as the first time you bought it, even years after you first slip it on.

Did you know that due to titanium's high resistance to corrosion, fatigue and cracking, it is a widely used metal for aerospace applications? Popularly combined with a variety of precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum for that unique and modern look, what other representation could this lightweight material have other than a partnership that lasts? Celebrate a timeless union with your loved one with our gold titanium rings.

Aside from the popular and usual choice of gold, our inlaid titanium rings also boast of stunning beauty when paired with platinum, yellow, rose or white gold. Sliver and black rubber may also be opted as an inlay material. Our titanium inlay rings are fully customizable, from choosing the titanium grade to the ring width and overall look, to the inlay material's width and positioning. Each component or design element may be altered to suit your taste to create the perfect gold or platinum titanium rings that you've always wanted on your loved one's finger. The look of your inlaid titanium ring is only limited by your imagination.

Whether you decide on titanium rings with gold, titanium rings with platinum, or a ring inlaid with your choice of precious metals, you can send us a message so we may assist you and give you a price quote. We also offer other pieces of jewelry such as tungsten rings which are available with ceramic, gold and platinum inlays.


Wow, my fiancée really liked these inlaid rings and when we got it in, I was surprised by how nice it was! Such a good deal for the money that was spent. The ring was great and the service was quick! The engraving looks great too! I won't hesitate to buy from them again if needed!

I always thought titanium is only good for men's rings until I found your inlayed collection. All it takes is just a touch of rose gold to make a perfect women's band!

I received my fiancé’s titanium ring with gold inlay and it is perfect. The inlay is straight, and just the right size. It looks exactly how it did on your website. You represented it well. The fit is right on the money. I love the fact you have 1/4-quarter sizes- He wasn't quite an 11 or an 11 1/2 so the 1/4 worked great. We would have never been able to get that at a local jewelry store. Thank you again.

The rings are beautiful! They are exactly what we ordered and arrived in the exact amount of time they were promised to, which is not the case with most Internet orders. They were sized perfectly and are absolutely wonderful.

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