You are getting married and believe strongly in the institution of marriage. On the other hand, you and your spouse-to-be also have an unconventional streak. You expect that you will display your marital commitment with rings that are different from what your parents wore. You do not want gold or silver or platinum. You want a very strong, yet very lightweight metal that represents the strength of your commitment without saddling you with a heavy burden. You decide on titanium rings, but you also want to include jewels on the ring. Is this possible?

tension titanium rings for women

Absolutely! In fact, titanium tension set rings work better than gold for holding your precious stones. Because of titanium’s strength, and a spring-loaded setting, the jewel will say in place. The stone will appear to float in the ring because it is resting on a tiny shelf. A tension set ring does not have prongs. You can be confident that diamond titanium rings will never become diamond-less rings.

Many wearers of wedding rings have had bad experiences with a gold prong breaking and the diamond falling out and getting lost. This kind of situation can be frustrating and infuriating since much of the cost of a ring is due to the diamond in the setting. Suddenly, that jewel is gone and only the prongs are showing.

You may decide that diamond titanium rings are the way to go for you and your loved one. Tension set rings will allow her to have one large diamond suspended between the two sides of the ring. This diamond will have more exposed surfaces than a conventionally set ring, so more light will shine through and get reflected. Diamond titanium rings will capture a great deal of attention from others.

Diamond Titanium Rings with V-Channel Setting

There are also diamond titanium rings for men. These can be wedding bands into which small diamonds are set in recesses. A number of combinations is available, which can include other stones besides diamonds. The point is that you can combine the light weight and the strength of titanium with diamonds and other precious gems to achieve the look that is right for you and your betrothed.

Furthermore, you may decide that you want one of these rings simply as a piece of jewelry for yourself or another person. This ring can be a statement to others about your appearance or what is important to you.

Take a look at all of the options. You are bound to find a ring that speaks to you.

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(Posted by: Anton Polishuk of Avant Garde Jewelry)