Beauty. Radiance. Adored. There’s no question that gemstones provide a uniquely personal expression in jewelry. However, gems are more than beautiful. They hold a special meaning behind each for those wearing them. Some stones convey enduring love, while others are associated more strongly with devotion, commitment, or trust. Each gemstone’s colorful history and physical properties have given significant meaning or intentions when gifting them to someone special. Before giving jewelry to someone important in your life, ensure that you send the right message.

This article will dive into the meaning behind each of Avant-Garde Titanium’s precious gemstones.


Sapphires are a priceless jewel, highly valued and distinguished for their rarity and beauty. For centuries sapphires have been a symbol of innocence, longevity, and a talisman for good health. However, over time this radiant gem has come to represent the prosperity, beauty, and inner peace between a couple on their 45th wedding anniversary. Wearing a sapphire gifted by a loved one signifies an everlasting bond and deep attachment between the two. 


Additionally, a sapphire adds a touch of sophistication to almost any piece of jewelry from its long association with royalty.

Blue Sapphire

The traditional mesmerizing hue of the blue sapphire is a potent symbol of strength, power, kindness, and sound judgment that remains true today. Therefore, they are a perfect gift for those wanting to convey the depth of their feelings to another. Many believe the depth of blue sapphire represents the deep love shared between a couple. 


With the deepest, bluest hues, and significant meaning behind them, blue sapphires are not just an excellent addition to just any jewelry collection. They offer far deeper sentimental value.

pink sapphire

Pink Sapphire

Pink sapphires have become exponentially more popular as a more modern and flattering color gemstone. The color pink, in general, exudes romance and femineity, coupled with inner resilience and strength, but that’s not the only message a pink sapphire would convey. 


In addition, pink sapphires have become recognized to symbolize good fortune, power through hardships, intense love and compassion, and subtle elegance. And within in such have come to convey trust, loyalty, and sincerity. 




Often given as a gift for the 40th wedding anniversaries or as a July birthstone, the ruby is a classic, versatile stone that anyone can wear. It is said to promote self-care in the wearer by inspiring confidence and removing self-doubt.  


In addition, the ruby has long represented romance, inspiring devotion, and faithfulness within a romantic relationship. The fiery red color and sparkly can inspire sensuality within the wearer. 



Diamonds are a timeless gemstone often associated with strength, love, and health. However, through time the meaning and representation of diamonds might vary depending on who you may ask. Some believe the diamond bestows clarity and rationality to the wearer, bringing positivity and joy.

While more commonly, we have all come to know that a diamond is forever, just as with the promise of lasting love. This gemstone continues to prove itself as a great symbol of strength and durability through the centuries.

black diamond

Black Diamond

Most people would agree that diamonds all share a strong emotional meaning. Black diamonds share quite similar symbolism but have a unique hidden meaning of their own behind their metallic luster. Identical to white diamonds, black diamonds symbolize love and strength; however, they also represent power, charisma, certainty, and passion. 


Black diamonds are an excellent gift for individuals who want to stand apart from the crowd or stand firm within their rebellious convictions.  




Moissanite is the first mineral on our list, and it’s derived from silicon carbide. It has many uses, mainly because it is one of the hardest gemstones. Its strong durability and colorless brilliance have made moissanite an exquisite alternative stone for a diamond. Moissanite is said to bring its wearer luck and fortune, as well as a sense of determination. In addition, because of its unbeatable strength, the gemstone represents a strong and unbreakable love. 




Tourmaline is the second mineral on our list of precious gems holding an exceptional place in the hearts of many jewelers and gemstone enthusiasts. It is believed that the tourmaline stone has traveled along a rainbow and can be shone in every hue of the rainbow. However, at Avant-Garde Titanium, we focus purely on the intense verdant green tourmaline stone, also known as Verdilite. 


As with all tourmaline gemstones, green tourmaline is considered a healing stone for the heart. Verdilite is regarded as the masculine side of the Tourmaline family, representing courage, strength, stamina, and vitality. A tourmaline gemstone would make an excellent gift for vigor masculine individuals.



Garnets are a semi-precious, rare, and valuable gemstone perfect for any statement piece of jewelry. They come from one of the most complex gemstone families famous for their stunning ruby-red hue. These deep, wine-red gemstones often represent the unity of passion and serenity. By gifting a garnet gemstone to a special someone, you promise them unconditional love and protection. Garnet rings make incredibly stunning engagement rings and are often used to celebrate second anniversaries.

In addition, you may have heard the famous line, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but the garnet is genuinely for every girl’s best friend. Garnets have also represented faith, true friendship, and commitment. Exchanging garnet jewelry between friends is a great way to show the strength of your friendship.


Tsavorite (Green Garnet)

The mystical forest green tsavorite garnet is one of today’s rarest and most coveted gemstones in the world. Similar to all garnets, Tsavorite is considered a stone of vibrant energy due to its intense color and brilliance. However, the tsavorite garnet has come to symbolize the untouched and wild within nature. The striking tones of this gemstone are reminiscent of the living energies of the earth, especially those reflecting fertility, health, and abundance.

A memorizing tsavorite gemstone is a perfect gift for those who love nature or a deep connection or memory to greenery.




Alexandrite is a gemstone that was often coveted by royals worldwide for its mysteriously captivating color. The color of this stone appears to change based on different angles or lighting. Under incandescent light, alexandrite appears to be a deep purple. However, in the daylight, it will appear a vibrant green.

The changing of colors has often led those who gaze upon it to ponder how precious life is and the love of those gifted the stone—often invoking feelings of hope, encouragement, and positivity. If you want to treat your special someone like royalty and show the depth of your love, alexandrite is the right choice.


Gemstones are more than a beautiful, lustrous addition to any piece of jewelry. They convey a special meaning: devotion, commitment, or trust. Each gemstone’s colorful deep meaning can help express just how important a special someone is to you.

Avant-Garde Titanium’s captivating gemstone collection can help covey any shade of love you wish to convey. All of our tension & flush set rings and stone set titanium cross pendants are made to order with engravings and customizable options to truly make your gift as unique as your special someone’s.

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