Can Titanium or Tungsten Carbide ring be cut off?

Yes! But first try soaking your hand in an ice cold water for 1-2 minute, then apply a lubricant (such as petroleum jelly or hand lotion) between the ring and the knuckle, hold the ring with a towel and pull with a rocking motion.

In an emergency situation where there might be a medical necessity to remove the band (such as hand or finger injury) the following procedures can be used to cut off the ring safely and quickly.

Titanium Rings

Titanium rings can be cut off with manual or motorized ring cutting tool.
All 3 grades of titanium: aircraft grade Ti-64, super hard Ti-662 and pure Ti-CP can be cut off with this tool.


Manual titanium ring cut off tool
Power titanium ring cut off tool

In our tests we used 7mm titanium ring. It took 4 minutes to cut off Ti-CP ring, 8 minutes for Ti-6/4 and 12 minutes for Ti-6/6/2. We used manual ring cutting tool with a new, high grade blade. The process is quite simple. The lower jaw of the cutter slides between the ring and finger. The circular saw is turned by the handle to cut through the ring. Most hospitals emergency rooms will have motorized ring cutting tool which will do the job even faster.




Tungsten Rings, Ceramic Rings

Tungsten carbide and ceramic rings are removed by cracking them into pieces with standard vice grip locking pliers. The same technique is used for removing natural stone bands like onyx or jade.

Place vice grip locking pliers over the band and adjust the jaws to clamp lightly. Release and adjust tightening screw one-forth turn and clamp again. Repeat this process until a crack is heard. The ring will brake in to two or more pieces.

Please take a moment to watch this demonstration:


Please read this testimonial by one of our customers, who actually had her titanium ring cut off in the hospital after being stung by a wasp.

"Before our wedding my husband and I did some research on what type of rings to get. We both wanted a modern but also classic look. I had found that many of my gold and silver rings were misshaped with use and was searching for more a durable material wanting my wedding ring to keep its shape and shine for as long as possible.

We liked the look of titanium and even though we heard rumors that titanium is hard and can’t be cut we saw no reason for not going with titanium bands. We found this great website which had a great variety of wedding bands not to mention great prices also. Needless to say we were extremely happy with the rings we ordered. We got married in December 2007 and we recently had our first baby. During the pregnancy I couldn't wear my ring because my hands and feet were swollen. I missed wearing my ring so much that as soon as I got released from the hospital and with the swelling gone down I put my ring back on. It was a little tighter than before but I was so happy to be able to wear it again.

A few days later I was stung by a wasp on my finger and it immediately swelled up. I took some antihistamine in case it was an allergic reaction. I tried using soap and lotion to get it off and cold water and ice to get the swelling down but the ring wouldn't move. The only thing left to do was to go to the emergency room. I was getting worried since I thought the ring could not be cut and in the back of my mind I kept thinking they might have to amputate my finger. The doctors couldn't’t get the swelling down so in the end they decided they would cut the ring. Rather that, than amputating the finger. The doctor used a small cutting device with a rotating blade similar to a dremel and within 30 minutes I was out of the emergency room with my ring cut in half and an embarrassing story my husband will always remind me of. At least my finger and husband was intact, the ring could always be replaced".