When it comes to choosing a wedding band, you’ll often find that for the most part, you have two choices: a plain band with zero embellishments, or a completely “blinged-out” band with gems and jewels covering the entire surface. Is there anything out there that can be considered a happy medium? The answer is yes; a tension set ring is the perfect option, with about 90% wedding band and 10% sparkle.

For those who are unfamiliar, a tension set ring is where a gemstone is held in place not by prongs or any other type of mounting, but by sheer pressure. Now we know what you’re thinking; “how can a gem possibly stay in place without something firmly holding it in place?” Well with its spring-loaded setting, a kind of shelf is created by adding tiny grooves to the metal. In those grooves, the edges of the gemstone will rest and appear to look suspended in air.

The trouble is, most traditional metals, such as platinum and gold, are not very strong and can actually weaken over time. That’s why there is absolutely no question that if you are determined to have a tension set ring, titanium metal is the only way to go.

You want your wedding band to last a lifetime – just like your marriage. Titanium is the only metal strong enough to maintain its original shape and keep your gemstone in place forever. Plus, with any other type of metal, a jeweler or manufacturer much first harden the metal, employ special alloys and then pressure treat it in order for the spring-loading process to even occur. Aircraft-grade titanium Ti-64 and especially hard titanium grade Ti-6/6/2 have memory and are naturally springy, meaning that the entire above process is completely unnecessary.

What’s even more, because titanium is much stronger than any other traditional metal, it can keep the gemstone secure with less bulk, causing the ring to feel lightweight to the wearer. With metals such as gold and platinum, the ring needs to be beefed up with more metal just to keep the tension strong enough – causing a not-so-comfortable fit.

You don’t have to cover your wedding band with sparkles to get the brilliant shine that you desire. Unlike with conventional metal settings, tension set rings allow more light to gleam through your singular stone, giving you an unparalleled look in terms of uniqueness and beauty.

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(Posted by: Anton Polishuk of Avant Garde Jewelry)