Still no idea what to get your family for Christmas? With barely a month left to get each member of the family a special gift, the pressure’s on you! Have you considered a family tree necklace? A titanium chain is recommended for this unique gift. After all, a unique gift such as yours deserves a one-of-a-kind chain!

For your family tree titanium necklaces, you can get a dog tag or a coin-type frame for pendants. Have the names of each family member inscribed on the pendants, attach them to the titanium chain, and you’ve got yourself a truly memorable gift for the whole family!

Shopping Made Easy

Understandably, you may not have time to go shopping for your titanium necklaces, with your busy schedule and all. Like the rest of the working population, you may find yourself joining the Christmas rush just to get your gifts in time for Christmas Day.

Lucky for you, titanium chains are readily available online at The chains come in different lengths and thicknesses, which means that you can easily get a titanium chain for the grown-ups in the family, as well as for the younger ones.

As for the pendants, you can also find the kind of pendants you need for the family tree necklace online. You can get a single dog tag or coin frame pendant for the inscriptions, or you can get two pendants if you have a large family. Two names per pendant should be okay. Depending on the size however, as well as the lengths of the names of the family members, you can have up to three names inscribed on the pendants.

Make sure that the pendants you get are complementary to the titanium necklaces you have picked out for each family member. You may want to consider getting a platinum or silver pendant so this will blend well with the chain.

For the girls in the family, you can add other charm pendants as well. These are also readily available online so shopping for them shouldn’t be a problem. Take note however, that you may need to give enough lead time for the inscriptions so it’s best to do your shopping now while there are still several weeks left before Christmas Day.

In addition, check the shipping and delivery schedules of these online shops so you can be sure to get the gifts before Christmas. In the event that there are mistakes in the inscriptions, you’ll want a good return policy as well. Again, you’ll need enough lead time for this so you can return and have the replacements before your gift-giving tradition come Christmas Day.