Avoid Nickel Allergy Symptoms With Titanium Jewelry

As one of the most common skin allergies in the world, those who suffer from nickel allergy may find it extremely uncomfortable to wear certain types of jewelry. While some may believe that most of the issues arise in cases where cheap, imitation jewelry is involved, it’s important to realize that even high carat gold [...]

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Choosing an Online Titanium Jewelry Store

          With online jewelry stores, shopping for an accessory for yourself or a loved one has become such a breeze. If you're on the lookout for titanium jewelry, you'd certainly find a number of dealers on the Internet. But before settling with one, it's important that you know the exact terms, [...]

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Low Maintenance Titanium Jewelry

  While gold and silver jewelry are beautiful and desirable to own, maintaining them to keep them from tarnishing and becoming discolored can be a real chore and even cost you a pretty penny. Those people who want beautiful and low maintenance jewelry are turning more and more to titanium. Not only titanium rings and [...]

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Health Benefits of Titanium Jewelry

When it comes to picking out a wedding band, an engagement ring, or a promise ring, a lot of individuals will choose to go with a titanium ring simply because they love the style. With its smooth, silver-white color and impeccable durability, what’s not to like? But did you know that titanium jewelry can actually [...]

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