There’s nothing like a rustic, countryside wedding to make your big day extra special. Rustic chic weddings have grown in popularity in the last few years for its warm and welcoming atmosphere that you can easily have well within your budget. And the style doesn’t end with your choice of venue and décor. Wedding bands likehammered titanium rings help complete the entire theme while giving you a beautiful reminder of your unique wedding day for many years to come.

Rustic wedding rings are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and even materials, but of the many options you have, the best are titanium rings with a hammer finish. These titanium rings cost much less than precious metal rings that come with the same hammered finishing, yet still offer a polished or brushed gleam comparable to the look of expensive gold, silver, or platinum.

Other affordable alternatives also include copper and bronze wedding bands that fit the rustic theme perfectly. Unfortunately, these metals aren’t as durable as titanium and will develop a patina over time due to exposure to oxygen.

In contrast, high-grade titanium, which is often used for making contemporary jewelry, is highly durable and can withstand bending. The metal is also resistant to corrosion and can maintain its original look for many years despite daily wear and exposure to the elements. These properties make hammered titanium rings a better option for rustic wedding bands that are meant to last a lifetime.

If pure silvery titanium doesn’t appeal to you and your would-be spouse, you can have the ring customized with a precious metal inlay in hammer finish. The titanium ring’s hammered inlay adds a color contrast that lends a modern look to the wedding band. For something that matches the rustic theme, rose gold inlay is a great option.

Just a word of caution: Be sure to get the correct ring size for your titanium rings as the metal is very difficult to resize due to its incredible durability. Here at Titanium Style, we can provide you with a sizing set when you place your order to ensure that your wedding bands fit perfectly and comfortably.

Once you’re settled with a rustic theme for your big day, don’t forget to consider the style of your wedding band. Hammered titanium rings are sure to complete the entire theme while perfectly symbolizing the strength and beauty of your vows to one another.

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