Tarnish free titanium rings from Avant-Garde Jewelry Co.


While gold and silver jewelry are beautiful and desirable to own, maintaining them to keep them from tarnishing and becoming discolored can be a real chore and even cost you a pretty penny. Those people who want beautiful and low maintenance jewelry are turning more and more to titanium. Not only titanium rings and chains are beautiful, strong and lightweight, they are also extremely corrosion resistant, making maintenance of titanium jewelry almost non-existent.


Most people who get married want their wedding ring to not only last for a lifetime, but to keep that new look as long possible, which is may be the reason Titanium wedding rings are becoming increasingly popular.


Titanium doesn’t discolor or tarnish even when worn by people with high acid levels in their skin. Swimming pools, salt water, household chemicals are no match for titanium! This is because titanium is a reactive metal. A reactive metal is one that undergoes a chemical reaction when exposed to Oxygen, hydrogen, or nitrogen. In the case of titanium this chemical reaction is in the form of protective coating that coats the titanium and increases it’s ability to resist any type of corrosion. Corrosion is what causes jewelry to discolor or tarnish.

When silver or gold jewelry comes in contact with the air, salt water, household cleaners, chemicals used in swimming pools, etc, corrosion takes place causing the metal to become tarnished and discolored. Too much corrosion and gold and silver can even become pitted.


So if you are looking for a beautiful, strong, and corrosion resistant ring or necklace that won’t discolor or tarnish, then choosing titanium will give that beautiful sparkling piece of jewelry and a peace of mind you are looking for.


(Posted by: Anton Polishuk of Avant Garde Jewelry)