Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and finding the best Father’s Day gift to show your appreciation can be overwhelming. More products are geared towards dads each year, but why not give dad something he can hold close and keep forever? If you are still undecided, Titanium Style has you covered. 

We know being a dad isn’t easy. But, they are our role models, protectors, jokesters, handymen, and confidants. So, showing him the love and appreciation he deserves is essential. A thoughtful gift is a great way to express your gratitude for all he does for his family. So, we have picked some heartfelt men’s titanium rings for the father figure in your life based on his personality. After all, every dad is different, and here’s the perfect way to celebrate that. 

The Handyman

Car Piston Engine Ring

He doesn’t shy away from getting a little dirty and can solve any problem with a wrench or a hammer. He’s the perfect friend to rely on when you need something fixed around the house or under the car’s hood. This dad needs a men’s titanium ring that is unique, strong, and resilient, just like him. Our custom car engine piston ring has just that.  

These rings are simple, solid, and make a great statement piece for dads looking to show their passion. It features a unique resemblance to a car engine piston with its three deep and thin grooves offset to one side and two flat divots positioned across one another—a perfect choice for dads constantly fiddling under the hood in his spare time. 

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The Business Dad

Semi-Domed Profile Ring

These dads know running a home is no child’s play. They are the globetrotters who jump from one task to another, constantly occupied with family, work, or commitments. Yet, he’s got style, clean, and is always there to advise and prepare you for the future. This dad is already a statement piece alone, so a simple and sophisticated ring for every occasion would suit him best.

Our semi-domed profile men’s titanium ring is a more subtle version of a traditional domed ring. The most critical design aspect of this ring is its perfect geometry. Every ring is cut with precision and hand-finished to ensure curvature and silk-smooth surface regardless of the width or thickness. 

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The Coach

Pipe-Cut Titanium Ring

He is the type of dad driving us to practice or heard yelling from the bleachers during the game. This dad is there to coach us on our worst days and cheers us on our wins, big or small. He may be a little competitive at times, but he only does it to help us grow and push ourselves further. This dad needs a men’s titanium ring that shows his contrast and support.

The pipe-cut titanium ring has two deep, dark-finished sandblasted grooves running near the ring’s edges. This ring offers a unique subtle statement perfect for the coach father figure in your life.

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The Tough Dad

Hammer Finish Domed Titanium Ring

He’s big, strong, and has your friends intimidated at first. But, he is the dad that generally doesn’t overthink what he wears and is not afraid to put the pedal to the metal when he drives. This dad has a rough exterior, but we all know he is a softy behind closed doors. His heart melts when kids bring home school projects, and he always gives the best hugs. He’s the one that may look like he can wrestle a bear but would never hurt a fly. This dad needs a men’s titanium ring reflecting his tough exterior and soft side. 

The hammer finish domed titanium ring with step-down sides has a rough surface in the center featuring small bumps and dents. In contrast, the ring’s edges are soft and rounded with either a mirror-like finish for a unique contrasting appearance. This ring will have your dad looking rigid and solid but not stand out too much. 

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The Playful Pop

Flat Raised Inlay Ring

He’s just one of the kids and is not afraid to show the world. He will be playing hide-and-go-seek or swinging on the playground. He may be four times their size, but he wants to do everything his kids do. He’s the one full of adventure and is not afraid to stand out from the rest of the dads at the park. He continuously pushes you to try and experience new things and is the most supportive when you decide to take a giant leap. This dad deserves a ring that stands out and has a heart of gold just like him. 

The flat raised inlay ring is divided into thirds, the middle being a raised inlay of either yellow or rose gold. The gold medal inlay adds a unique touch of gold to the solid look of titanium, transforming this ring into a bold statement piece for any playful pop stuck between being an adult and a child at heart.

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The Jokester

Flat Tungsten Carbide & Ceramic Ring

When we talk about dad, we can’t miss out on the pioneer of dad jokes, the jokester. He consistently makes you laugh with corny jokes, elaborate stories, or goofing around. With a funny bone that ensures jokes and laughs are flying around the room to put a smile on everyone’s face. He is the party’s center and lights up any room with his presence. And he certainly has the loudest laugh in the room. This jokester dad requires a men’s titanium ring that is bold and timeless.

The flat tungsten carbide and ceramic ring has a black zirconium ceramic base and sides with a tungsten carbide slightly raised center. The zirconia ceramic brilliantly games with close resemblance to polished black diamonds in color and toughness. The tungsten center offers a more unique and eye-catching design that will stand out in any room, just like this jokester.

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The Nurturing Dad

Domed Titanium Ring

He has always been there with your lunch or prepared to drive to the store for a last-minute project. He ensures you and your family have been looked after and fulfills your day-to-day needs. This dad knows his responsibilities well and has instilled his morals and ethical values onto you. A classic men’s titanium ring that only fits the dad who holds a solid and sturdy ground for family.  

A domed titanium ring is a class half-round classic with comfortable fit edges on both sides, providing the ultimate comfort for the dad on top of his game. To give this sturdy classic a personal touch, we suggest engraving the inside of the ring with a private message for dad to hold close and dear.  

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The Right Men’s Titanium Ring for Father’s Day

While we know every dad is unique in their approach to parenting, they all share the same love and responsibilities towards their families. So, show your dad your love and appreciation this Father’s Day with a timeless men’s titanium ring from Titanium Style he can hold close and keep forever. 

Feel free to browse our vast selection of titanium jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, and more, for this Father’s Day.

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