Wedding bands symbolize forever, but with typical metallic rings that easily bend and tarnish, your rings might not even last a few years of daily wearing. For something unique that will remain beautiful for many years, why not consider getting black ceramic rings for your wedding bands?

Ceramic rings are becoming a popular alternative for wedding bands today thanks to their exceptional toughness that’s comparable to tungsten rings. These rings are made from zirconium-based ceramic, which is also used as a stimulant for making imitation diamonds. The final product is a tough, lightweight material that is both highly durable and resistant to abrasion—perfect for wedding rings that are meant to last a lifetime, even beyond.

Black is just one of the many colors available for ceramic rings in the market, but if you want a wedding band with a bold, timeless look that can easily blend with any clothing, black is a great option. Black has long been a classic color for clothing, and it also lends a more modern look to wedding bands. Combined with zirconium ceramic’s gleaming appearance, the color can give the ring a look that’s quite similar to polished black diamond.

If you’re worried that the color might rub off or peel over time, don’t be. During manufacturing, coloring agents are mixed with the ceramic powder before it is submitted to high heat and pressure. This process gives black ceramic rings a solid uniform color all throughout the jewelry so that, in case the ring does get scratched, the same color will show underneath. In contrast, black titanium and tungsten rings available in the market today only have a black surface finish, which is why the metal’s original color will show when the coating gets scratched.

The best part about ceramic rings is that they are not as expensive as wedding bands made of precious metals. Nevertheless, the black diamond sheen gives these rings an expensive look. Additionally, the rings are cobalt-free, making them hypoallergenic and safe for people with metal allergies.

For a ring that truly symbolizes love and unyielding fidelity, black ceramic rings make for the perfect wedding bands. If an all-black ring doesn’t appeal to you, ceramic rings with a tungsten carbide inlay can be a great alternative. These rings can provide a more contemporary look that combines shiny silver and metallic black.

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