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We created this page in hopes that it will make it easy to choose a perfect inlay for your new titanium ring.

Every computer, every monitor will show colors differently. Rings can appear darker or lighter, colors can appear more or less saturated. For example, 18K yellow gold can easily look like 14K and visa verse depending on your monitor's color setting. But by showing examples of all the metal choices on one page, we hope to eliminate the guess work.

When choosing an inlaid titanium ring, it is important to understand how the ring is made.

  • All of our rings are made only with solid inlays of gold, silver or platinum. All inlays are at least 1/3 the depth of the ring.
  • Only true karat gold (14K and 18K), platinum 950 and sterling silver is used.
  • Inlay channels are engineered and precision cut using the latest technology to ensure top quality.
  • We do not make gold plated rings, which look similar to inlaid rings in the beginning, but fade fast as thin gold plating wears off.
  • We do not use 12K, 10K or 9K gold, or platinum 550 alloys, which are less expensive, but are subject to discoloration and tarnishing and can cause allergic reactions.
  • We do not use shallow inlay channels, which lower the cost (less gold used) but compromise the integrity of the ring.

The exceptional value and charm of our wedding rings comes from them being handcrafted from the strongest grades of titanium and precious metals—both of extraordinary purity. All of our rings are hallmarked (stamped with their titanium grade and karat mark, such as 22K, 18K, 14K, PLAT etc.) to guarantee you the purity of the gold, platinum or silver used in its manufacturing.

Hallmarking is one of the most reassuring of quality guarantees and one of the oldest forms of consumer protection.

Please visit our Precious Metals page for more info.

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