Titanium rings already make for beautiful and lasting gifts, but if you want to make your presents even more special, you can give your loved ones stone set titanium rings with the gemstone of their birth month.

Birthstones don’t only add color to jewelry. For centuries, people believed that the gemstones corresponding to each month hold special meanings and even metaphysical properties that help improve the wearer’s physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being. Whether true or not, these beliefs give birthstones their unique stories, which make them endearing gifts your loved ones will surely appreciate.

Your birthstone gift doesn’t necessarily have to feature the actual stone of your recipient’s birth month. If the stone you want isn’t available, you can settle with a stone of a similar color. For instance, if your loved one was born on November, yellow sapphire can work as a substitute for citrine, one of the month’s two recognized birthstones.

Here at Titanium Style, we offer a range of stone set titanium rings with gemstone options you can choose from to personalize your gift. Call us at (800) 408-6756 for more details.