Black Velvet Pouch

Included with every purchase at no additional cost.

  • Premium quality soft fabric.
  • Double cord drawstring pulls tight for a snug, sure closure.
  • Non-scratching interior.


Black Faux Leather (Leatherette) Jewelry Box

Available for $3.50 with any of our jewelry purchase.

Elegant in their simplicity, these softly curved boxes offer sophisticated backgrounds for titanium and tungsten jewelry. Faux leather covers the outside and lines the inside of these metal-frame boxes. Lid linings are satin.

Premium Metal Jewelry Box

Brushed aluminum with Polished Trim - hold up to 4 rings or chain..

Sleek styling and high-tech finish makes these boxes a contemporary choice for presenting titanium and tungsten jewelry. The box will easily hold up to 4 rings, necklaces or bracelets. The ring insert is removable allowing for other uses. Great for travel.

Fully-lined aluminum boxes feature top-quality construction, high polished steel trim, velvet lining and protective edging. If you are looking for an unusual gift box to present the ring, this is it!

Available for $12.99 with any of our jewelry.
Can be purchased separately for $17.99 Aluminum jewelry box

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